Classic furniture luiz


Service components Classic furniture luiz

A three-seater sofa

Four single sofas

A furniture front desk

Two tables next to the sofa (honey table)

A dining table

Eight seats

Technical specifications of the product

Wood: The best beech wood

Fabric: The best Turkish and Italian fabrics

Color: The best Turkish and Italian colors

Sponge: one of the best domestic products

Cold foam: one of the best domestic products

Luiz Furniture Service

If you like originality and simplicity, Louise will be a good host for your home. Also, for a space where it is possible to arrange a furniture service, the Louise model is very suitable, a three-seater sofa and a single sofa with simple inlays and wooden handles. Different in the form of a classic sofa and a comfortable and standard sitting next to it can work in the form of a comfortable sofa for you.

In the dining chairs, the presence of inlays and the design of the bases and supports of the classic sofa and the extremely comfortable living area, and the presence of the handles behind the chair, combine a combination of comfort and classic style.
Due to the quality of wood, any type of wood color can be easily applied on this model. Natural oak-coated sheets can create a unique effect by combining the simplest colors. Louise is very high.

Furniture front desk with standard height and size helps the comfort and convenience of the consumer. In the dining chair, the presence of handle fittings, in addition to the functional aspect, has helped to work in terms of aesthetics. In the dining chairs and the host, the inlaid crown is simple and elegant on both sides and is repeated on the back of the chair. . lfglhk

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