Classic Spinas furniture


Components of Spinas Furniture Service

A three-seater sofa

Four single sofas

A furniture front desk

Two tables next to the sofa (honey table)

A dining table

Eight seats

Product Technical Specifications

Wood: from the best wood beech

Fabric: one of the best Turkish and Italian fabrics

Color: one of the best Turkish and Italian colors

Sponge: one of the best domestic products

Cold foam: one of the best domestic products

About Spinas Classic Furniture Service

Spinas Classic Furniture Service is another unique Vista furniture product. Which has a very beautiful and modern design. Spinas sofa is composed of classic ivy and strong neo-classical deer poison bases.

The manufacturer of this sofa has also designed a classic and beautiful console and showcase to complete the reception space. Which is very practical next to the furniture service and constitutes a complete service.


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