Opal Classic Bed Service



Components Opal Bed Service

One bed

A dressing table

Two flat feet

A number of mirrors

Product Technical Specifications

Wood: The best beech wood

Fabric: One of the best Turkish and Italian fabrics

Color: The best Turkish and Italian colors

Sponge: one of the best domestic products

Cold foam: one of the best domestic products

This bed service is a classic style. The presence of fabric in the design of the throne allows you to order any type of fabric color according to the color of the curtains, bedspreads and flooring of your room and have a perfect design for your bedroom. It does a lot to tidy up your bedroom.
Opal bed service is one of the beautiful products of Vista sofa that you can order in any color and fabric.

How to arrange an adult bedroom

The decoration of the bedroom and the interior of each house is different according to the tastes of its people. Therefore, it can be said that the decoration and arrangement of equipment is a matter of taste. Of course, with the growth of the fashion industry in interior decoration, the use of ideas and opinions is not without merit.

Bed service is one of the most basic and important bedroom items. Today, it is one of the key items for decorating the bedroom of children and teenagers, as well as brides. Room decoration varies according to people’s tastes.

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