Opal Classic Furniture


Introduction of Opal Classic Furniture Service

If you are looking for a luxury reception hall with a different look. Vista Furniture offers the Classic Furniture Opal service. This furniture with a classic and special design can be the effect of your home. This sofa is full of delicate and high quality inlays that will attract everyone’s attention. One of the special features of this series of furniture that sets it apart from other products. The use of white stone design in the design of the bases doubles the beauty of this product. In this service, the front table of the furniture and the honeycomb table are covered with a stone design. Commonly used in luxury designs.

Opal Classic Furniture Service is made of Georgian beech wood. Which is one of the best types of wood in furniture production. The best Turkish and Italian fabrics have been used in the preparation of the classic opal sofa. You can choose the design and color to suit your taste.

The complete service of Opal furniture includes a three-seater sofa, four single sofas, one furniture front table and two furniture side tables (honey table). Next to the Opal dining table for eight people, it can brighten up your reception hall.

Components of Opal Furniture Service

A three-seater sofa

Four single sofas

A furniture front desk

Two tables next to the sofa (honey table)

A dining table

Eight seats

Technical specifications of the product

Wood: The best beech wood

Fabric: One of the best Turkish and Italian fabrics

Color: The best Turkish and Italian colors

Sponge: one of the best domestic products

Cold foam: one of the best domestic products

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