Prince Classic Bed Service (Wicker)



Introducing the classic wicker bed service

Bed service is a wicker in the classic design collection. It is true that the sleep service is not very visible. But buying and choosing the type of bed is very difficult. We suggest arranging the bed in a room with a very short distance. For example: 3 to 5 inches from the wall.

Bed service layout

To make the bed look better, it is better to use beds around it. If the space of the room is small, it is better to install the bed next to the wall and place only one foot of the bed. It is also necessary that the bed is not placed near the window. The most suitable place to place the bed is a short distance from the flat wall.

Wicker service components

One bed

A dressing table

Two flat feet

A number of mirrors

Product Technical Specifications

Wood: The best beech wood

Fabric: one of the best Turkish and Italian fabrics

Color: one of the best Turkish and Italian colors

Sponge: one of the best domestic products

Cold foam: one of the best domestic products


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