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خرید مبلمان کلاسیک به راحتی از مبل ویستا
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Furniture Vista is one of the top brands of home furniture production in the country, which produces and offers new classic furniture, comfortable furniture, avant-garde furniture, modern furniture, bed service, showcase, mirror, console, etc.

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Buy comfortable and durable furniture

There are many styles in comfortable sofa models and L models that are reasonably priced. A noteworthy point for buying comfortable furniture is how much you expect from their performance time.
Home furniture is one of the most important accessories for the comfort and convenience of residents. Today, bed furniture is widely used for small or crowded houses. are .

Cheap sofa, expensive sofa

Sometimes the buyer goes to the direct purchase from the manufacturer by searching for a photo of the sofa, in which case if he can contact the original manufacturer of the sofa, he will have an affordable purchase.
Designing and producing furniture requires a lot of money and time, so making furniture from photos of furniture in cyberspace is not economically justified for furniture companies and even furniture buyers.

Affordable furniture

Like other guilds, furniture in Tehran has many markets such as Yaftabad furniture market, Delavaran furniture market, Karaj furniture market, etc., which you can take advantage of special furniture discounts at different times by visiting in a timely manner.

For many reasons, such as custom furniture or high production costs, there is really no such thing as a furniture auction, but you can buy stylish and quality furniture without paying exorbitant prices and at a reasonable price, from furniture markets and reputable furniture brands. provide .

Buy royal and steel furniture

To buy a royal sofa, you have to spend more money than a comfortable sofa. Steel sofa can be the starting point of distinction in your reception hall. Types of steel sofa are suitable for formal space.

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Mosaicism, meaning patchwork, streaks and pieces, refers to the art in which tasteful artists create beautiful and colorful designs with various components of metal, wood, fabric or ceramics that are used in the construction of buildings or the decoration of living items. . Mosaic art in furniture is one of the ways this art is displayed on wood that makes. Beautiful furniture come to the market with different designs and charm the special and difficult customers with their unique beauty.

Execution of mosaics in the furniture industry

Steel Furniture

Steel furniture is also known as royal furniture. But why is this type of furniture registered as steel? Is steel furniture really steel? The answer is that steel furniture, which is a formal sofa, is made of quality wood and high quality fabrics, but because in English this type of sofa, which has an attractive, stylish and royal appearance, is called style, it is made of steel with Persian pronunciation. .

Another style of steel sofa

Methods of transporting furniture
When it comes to upholstery, after packing, moving items, especially bulky and heavy items such as furniture, can make the upholstery process a big challenge; Because some apartments and houses have small corridors and steps, some entrances do not allow the passage of large and bulky objects, some apartments have many stairs or some devices do not have a fulcrum. However, using the best furniture handling methods can help you move heavy furniture safely, painlessly and with less pressure.

This work requires knowledge of some of the details and creativity that we intend to introduce in this article; Because doing big things and moving heavy equipment does not always require a lot of physical strength or high energy expenditure, but thinking and finding creative solutions can solve the problem in the easiest way. So if you are one of those people who move a lot or move in home furniture companies, reading this article and knowing the methods of furniture transportation can be useful for you. Hence, stay with us until the end of this text!

Angle the device in the direction of the slope of the stairs. A suitable solution for carrying furniture

Chester Furniture

When it comes to furniture, one of the sofa models that comes to mind very quickly is Chesterfield furniture. But what exactly is Chester furniture? We may not know it by name, but we have seen examples of it over and over again in places like offices, offices, businesses, real estate offices, and even homes. Chester sofa is a type of sofa that consists of a three-seater sofa and sometimes with a double sofa and several chairs. A few buttons are decorated with many recesses.

In the article Types of Chester Furniture, we intend to provide a description of the types of Chester furniture, its history and the principles of arranging a villa with this model of furniture. So if you want to get acquainted with the different types of this sofa and how to arrange your home with Chester sofa, do not miss reading the article on different types of Chester furniture.

Types of Chester furniture and the principles of its arrangement at home

The most beautiful models of classic sofas for arrangement in the villa
When we hear the word classic, we immediately think of art consisting of beauty, simplicity and originality. In general, the classical concept includes “a return to ancient principles and values ​​based on aesthetic principles.”

The classical style dates back to the 17th century and can be found in paintings, architecture, literature, clothing and anything else. Classic villa furniture is actually a type of furniture that is made in a classic style and because this model of furniture is not suitable for small spaces and apartments and takes up a lot of space, it is mostly used in large spaces and villas that have large living rooms and living rooms. Becomes.

However, because it is neither completely steel nor completely comfortable, but is in a state between the two forms and follows the principles and values ​​of aesthetics and usually has beautiful engravings that are more like a work of art, with any It is a harmonious and harmonious taste. In this article, we are going to provide explanations about the classic sofa, types of villa furniture and tips that need to be paid attention to when buying a sofa. So follow us to the end of this article and do not miss the good content of this text!

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How to have a better arrangement of neoclassical furniture in Iranian homes?
Neoclassical furniture is very popular not in Iran but all over the world and even in many European countries. The design style of this type of furniture is different from the strict design style of classic furniture. In fact, neoclassical furniture is different from the classic style furniture in terms of comfort, functionality, level of luxury, elegance and..

Neoclassical furniture arrangement does not accept excessive use of accessories, decor, abundance of flowers in the space and the like. In fact, this style of furniture is known for being stylish yet simple. Therefore, its arrangement in space should be the same.

Neoclassical furniture, practical use of the living room and living room!