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Bed service is one of the most important bedroom accessories.

Everyone needs a good and comfortable bed in their bedroom. Which should have good comfort, durability and longevity. In the companySofaVista You can order bedding with bed, dressing table, mirror, wardrobe and puff, and ask Vista furniture experts for advice on how to set them up so that you have a better choice.

Classic sleep services

Undoubtedly, it is one of the important factors influencing the decoration of the bedroom. By using inlaid wood and the presence of fabric in some models, it is possible to design a bedroom in a classic way. Vista furniture production bed service is in harmony with the furniture produced by the company. If fabric is used in the selected service model. You can choose it with a piece of furniture fabric. Hold up to one hand. Or you can even choose the color of the wood and the type of fabric completely different to separate the living room bedroom.


In the design of the bed service produced by Vista Furniture Company, all factors such as the number of drawers and the size of the drawers have been carefully examined. Bathrooms often have two beds, which in addition to creating more space for storage, help to make the bed more beautiful. In bedrooms where space is limited or there are many cupboards and drawers available. You can skip preparing one or both beds. Dressing tables are also popular in the bedroom, despite the drawers for storing items. Mirror and puff frames for the living room complete the use of the dressing table.

Differentiation in production

In the production of sleep services companyFurnitureVista uses the best kind of materials, tools and fittings. Which maintain their quality in long-term use. Mirrors protected with wood or sponge material and layer, protect you from the risks of breaking the mirror when moving. You bring. Precise design in the smallest parts of the product shows originality and art to the viewer. The appearance of drawers and doors is generally worked and different. Which alone create a beautiful effect in the decoration. It is possible to change the size in standard sizes 160 and 180 for beds.

Mirror arrangement in the bedroom

The arrangement of the mirror should be based on the principle that the mirror should not be installed on the bed at all. Because it is possible to fall with the slightest movement. It is better not to install a mirror in front of the bed so as not to disturb the relaxation and tranquility of the bedroom. Install the mirror where you can easily use it when preparing and checking.

Adult Sleep Service Arrangement

It is true that the bed service is not very visible, but buying and choosing the type of bed is very difficult. We suggest that the bed be arranged in a room at a distance from the wall so that it is not damaged by movement.

Most dressing tables have mirrors. There are three things to keep in mind when arranging a toilet table:

1- Do not face the bed

2- Not at a distance from the bed

3- Place the mirror on the toilet table

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You can choose Vista sofa products in the bed service with any desired color and fabric. When moving the beds, be sure to follow the important points mentioned for moving. To extend the service life of your sleep. According to the above points, you can do the design easily. And if you have any questions, ask them through the Vista furniture site and social networks. Our colleagues check in the shortest possible time.

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