Classic furniture vicenza


  Vickenza Classic Furniture Service:
A sofa with a 360-degree viewing angle of beauty

If you want glory and innovation, select the Vikenza model in the selection list classic furniture Put yourself. Three-seater sofa with inlaid wooden handle in a completely different way helps to make your design more beautiful. The sofa crown is a combination of small and large inlays that are arranged very neatly. Contrary to the appearance of the sofa, which looks smaller and more compact than other sofas, it is no different from other three-seater sofas, and its standard dimensions and size have been observed. Existence of double inlays in the support and details in the bases and living area, as well as next to the sofa handle, which makes it pleasant to see the work from all angles.

Single sofa with many details

The elegance and versatility of classic Vikenza furniture is also evident in its single sofa. Wooden handles with the best design at the same time comfort, eye-catching beauty. The semi-round floor of the sofa and the back shape of the sofa with a rhythmic arch and dance along with the delicate two-sided inlays on it, have provided a set of beauty together. Metallic carbon paint with a ton of garlic and light, along with fine workmanship
gold SheetIt is on inlays. In addition to better display of detail and elegance; Gives warmth to the environment.


Dining chairs are still beautiful and powerful, despite the inlaid design and the large amount of wood in the crown and pedestals from the outside angle. Dining table with Dalberi plate that is carefully placed on the base. And with inlaid strips of gold leaf on the base, they form beautiful classy rows. These are part of all the details and professional design of this model. Which, whether in general or in part, can display art, beauty and standard.

Harmony of wood and fabric colors

In addition to the specific material and design of the fabric in the Vikenza model; The combination of blue fabric color in the host chair and gray fabric color with tonnage of carbon metallic wood color as well as gold leaf polish can make the space luxurious. And you do not have to choose the color of other components of the space, such as carpets, curtains and wallpaper.




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