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About Laviz Classic Furniture Service

How to arrange and combine

The type of arrangement and composition of work in this model distinguishes it from other classic furniture. Depending on the composition of the furniture, the Chester sofa can be arranged as a set next to other furniture. If needed, you can use the Chester sofa with a combination of wood and fabric colors in other parts of the house, such as the TV room. For a special arrangement in any space, you can easily change the composition and use a 7-seater or 8-seater sofa. In the classic sofa, the sofa handle and the crown are designed entirely with inlaid wood. The single sofa with its extremely comfortable sitting area and the different shape of the sofa handle dazzles the eye at first sight.

Lavis couch

Chester sofa with back and wide handle and made of fabric, brings comfort. In addition to being beautiful, sofa cushions are very suitable for the living room, armrest and backrest. Chester sofa bases with smooth wood and one hand and existence Tiny inlays match it with other furniture components. The presence of double-sided inlays on sofas, chairs, sofas and unique designs on the sides and back of the work components has made it the best option for a large space that contributes to the design of the space from all sides.

Laviz Furniture Dining

The voluminous dining table, which is in harmony with the inlaid seating area of ​​the chairs and has created a kind of melody and order in the work. The curvature of the wood in the crown of the chair and the small inlaid leaves show the most elegance of art and beauty. Natural wood veneer panels evoke a sense of warmth and energy in the space.

Furniture front and honey

The dining tables in front of the sofa and honeycomb are beautifully designed like a dining room with volumetric plates and symmetrical cuts.

Choosing the right patterned fabrics adds to the beauty of the work.

Components of Lavis Furniture Service

A three-seater sofa

Four single sofas

A furniture front desk

Two tables next to the sofa (honey table)

A dining table

Eight seats

Product Technical Specifications

Wood: The best beech wood

Fabric: one of the best Turkish and Italian fabrics

Color: one of the best Turkish and Italian colors

Sponge: one of the best domestic products

Cold foam: one of the best domestic products

Designing standard dimensions and sizes according to the ergonomics of the human body accurately provides a comfortable and cozy sitting.

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