Linus Classic Furniture


Introducing Linus Classic Furniture Service

The Classic Linus Furniture service is available as a seven-seater. In the standard set of this model, there is a three-seater sofa, two fabric sofas, two wooden sofas, two small reception tables and a front desk. Patterns and inlays in the Linus model can be seen in all parts, even the bases of the table. Pages with smooth and curved arches and cut edges of the pages show the beauty and originality of the work. Due to the high use of quality wood in this model, the work has a high resistance. Provides the correct shape and configuration of the comfortable and hearty living room.

Eye-catching wood and fabric

The standard size three-seater sofa with a wooden crown that extends to the handle, shows a beautiful combination of wood and fabric. In the standard set of Linus classic furniture service, two sofas are made of inlaid wood from the outside. . The presence of inlay on the backrest, unlike most models on the market, has made this sofa different. Due to the presence of carved wood on the outside, the shape of the fabric is also different. Which has prevented repetition in this work. In a space where it is possible to see behind the work, the Linus model is a good choice. The middle table with suitable dimensions for the front of the sofa adds to the beauty and comfort of work.

Linus Furniture Dining

The Linus dining room is designed as standard for eight people. In this standard set, two chairs are inlaid on the outside as hosts. If you need more seating, you can use two host chairs in the reception furniture section. The other six chairs, like the two sofas, are made of cloth. If you wish, you can choose all eight chairs from the used back or fabric model.

The choice of patterned fabric adds to the beauty of the classic Linus furniture service.

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